Workshop Information

Workshop: PBL Splash: An Introduction to PBL Design
Date/Times:  Tuesday, 1/19/2021 - 12:00 AM
 Friday, 3/19/2021 - 12:00 AM

Now through March 15, 2021  [register here]

March 19-June 14, 2021  [register here]

How are "projects" different from "project based learning"? Many people think they mean the same.  Want to learn how they are different? PBL Splash is a fantastic introductory course for learning some basic principles for how to design PBL. Using the Driving Question "How might I begin incorporating PBL design in my classroom?", participants will engage in a combination of readings and videos that will take them in a deep dive into each of the PBL gold standard design elements.  While learning about each design element, participants will draft a rough framework for a PBL unit you could teach in your own classroom.  Facilitated by Teresa Dempsey, this 15-hour online course is asynchronous so you can engage in the course anytime from anywhere.  

One-hour Ashland University graduate credit is available for $249.  Register for graduate credit here.
Fairfield County ESC member districts may purchase one hour of Ashland University graduate credit at the discounted rate of $195.  Please email for a registration link.

Audience: teachers
Target Grade: K-12
Location: online course
Max Attendance: