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Workshop: All Learning is Social and Emotional | Online Book Study
Date/Times:  Friday, 1/1/2021 - 12:00 AM

Cover for All Learning is Social and Emotional book      Teal sphere with the words "This book study meets the 15 clock-hour gifted HQPD requirement."

Fee: $125   Check back soon for new session dates   

Fee is waived for Amanda Clearcreek, Berne Union, Bloom-Carroll, and Walnut Township.

To many, SEL is an isolated “program” separate from academics.  The truth is, all learning is social and emotional.  If you want all kids to get what they need to thrive, this book offers a solution of how SEL can easily integrate into everyday content instruction, no matter what subject or grade level you teach. 

Along with a toolbox of strategies, you’ll find real-life examples highlighting the opportunities for SEL within your curriculum. This book’s integrated SEL approach will help your students build essential skills that will serve them in the classroom and throughout their lives.  You’ll learn the hows and whys of:
- Building students’ sense of identity and confidence in their ability to learn, overcome challenge, and influence the world around them.
- Helping students identify, describe and integrate their emotional responses.
- Promoting the cognitive regulation skills critical to decision making and problem solving.
- Fostering students’ social skills, including teamwork and sharing, and their ability to establish and repair relationships.
- Equipping students to become informed and involved citizens.

This 15-hour asynchronous online book study is self-paced for users to complete at their convenience, and meets the 15 clock-hour gifted HQPD requirement.  Participants must purchase their own copy of All Learning is Social and Emotional and will need a Gmail account to participate. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate that states they met the Ohio Gifted HQPD 15 clock hour requirement.

One-hour Ashland University graduate credit is available for $249.  Fairfield County ESC member districts may purchase one hour of Ashland University graduate credit at the discounted rate of $195.  [Please email for registration link]

Audience: teachers
Target Grade: K-12
Location: online book study
Max Attendance: