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Workshop: Implementing PBL in Early Childhood | online book study
Date/Times:  Friday, 1/1/2021 - 12:00 AM

Book cover for Implementing Project Based Learning in Early Childhood


Fee: $125  Check back soon for new session dates

PBL does work in early childhood classrooms.  PBL in Pre-K through 2nd grade is rife with assumptions, misconceptions, and perceived barriers that have prevented its widespread implementation. Implementing Project Based Learning in Early Childhood breaks down these barriers, offering teachers and leaders at various stages of PBL implementation the tools, resources, instructional strategies, and suggestions needed to dispel the myths and discover the truth. Full of practical approaches and strategies, the authors encourage you to consider your current practices from new perspectives while “Reflect and Connect” sections provide opportunities to think through your questions, make connections to your current practices, and plan your next steps. Educators will gain a deep understanding of PBL in early childhood and build their confidence to engage ALL students in high quality PBL.

This 15-hour asynchronous online book study is self-paced for users to complete at their convenience during the time period. Participants must purchase their own copy of  Implementing PBL in Early Childhood, and will need a Gmail account to participate.  Use the code PBL30 at checkout to save 30% on the purchase of this book, using this link: (save $6.35 versus Amazon's price!)

One-hour Ashland University graduate credit is available for $249. Fairfield County ESC member districts may purchase one hour of Ashland University graduate credit at the discounted rate of $195.  Please email Rob Engel at for registration link.

Audience: Teachers and administrators
Target Grade: PreK-2
Location: online book study
Max Attendance: