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Background Checks

BCI/FBI Background Check:

Brand new substitutes and those that have taken a gap year need to complete a BCI (Ohio) and FBI (Federal) background check. If you had background checks done within the past 12 months please contact the organization you had them done at to request copies. 

These copies can be sent to me by either mail, email or fax. If they will only release to you you can submit them via the previously mentioned avenues or you can upload them into your online application.

If you need to get your background checks done:

These checks can be completed here in our office by appointment only right now and there are two payment options available. 

1st) Money order that can be obtained at any local grocery store customer service desk. The Money order needs to be left blank, except for the amount of $53.

2nd) PayPal, paid via credit or debit card after the background check is done here in our office. There is a $2 fee associated with this option so it would be $55.

You will also need to bring with you your driver’s license/state ID and your social security card. 

If you get your background check done elsewhere, such as a Sheriff's Department (prices may vary):
Their form asks for the codes needed:
For the BCI/FBI (3319.291)

These will need to go directly to the Ohio Department of Education and we will need a copy of the results either sent to us here at the ESC or sent to you. If you send them to yourself you will need to upload the results onto the page in our online application called Sub Document Forms under the Additional Documents option.

Paypal Link Here INTERNAL_LINK


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