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Create an OH ID

Information on Creating an OH ID Portal: Please find some information on creating an OH ID portal to replace your SAFE account and applying for the new substitute license. 

If you do not have an OH ID portal please find the website below:  

Instructions on Creating the new OH ID Portal are below.

Once you have accessed your Dashboard you will click on the App Store. Find and request access to the Department of Education Profile Setup, once you go through all of those steps you should be able to refresh/re login to the OH ID Portal and be able to gain access to the CORE tile. Once you access the CORE tile you will click on Apply for a New Credential (Next to the header My Credentials).

You will click on Apply for a New Credential in the pop up and from the next pop up you will click on Substitutes.
When that expands out you will click on the Substitute License-1 and 5 year.
Click on the Blue Apply button
Under Credential select either a 1 year or 5 year (only difference is the price, 1 year is $25.00 and a 5 year is $125.00).
Under Effective: Please select the option for 7/1/2023.
On the next page it will ask you to mark a Teaching Field, the teaching field will reflect what your bachelors was obtained in. This is not asking what you would like to substitute in, this is asking you what your qualifications are. (The reason for the teaching field is to determine the option for long term substitutes, if you have a specific teaching field you are eligible to work long term in a classroom of the same field, if you are a general substitute you can work long term with school board approval, if you are a retired teacher and have the education unlimited field you can work long term in any field) All substitutes are eligible for short term positions in any classroom no matter what their teaching field.  

You will then answer the next 7 yes or no questions honestly. 

Verify that you have transcripts in your account (if not you will have to reach out to your alma mater and request copies)

Under the Required Application Signatures you will select the blue find button and type under IRN 046839 (zero, four, six, eight, three, nine) hit find organization and when the Fairfield County ESC shows up you will click the red Select button. (This will send a digital notification to our Treasurer, Superintendent designee, that there is a license pending her review)

 You will select Yes under your Applicant signature and either:
-Save and Exit (without submitting) if you are not ready (Digital notification will not come to our Organization until you Pay and submit)
-Pay and Submit if you are ready to pay your fees and you have all your documents ready.