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picture of adult walking kids with backpacks on backs

Effective October 3, 2023, homeschooling notifications should be submitted to the district of residence directly for processing. The Fairfield County ESC will review any pending submissions on October 3, 2023 for compliance with the updated legal requirements for notification and will process those submissions. The ESC will no longer accept any NEW notifications for homeschooling and will direct you back to the district of residence. 

The following individuals for each district will be the point of contact for homeschooling notifications beginning Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

District Name Email
Amanda-Clearcreek Kari Karshner
Berne Union Jodi Poling
Bloom-Carroll Jennifer Luckhaupt
Fairfield Union Christy Smith
Lancaster Cristie Kimmins
Liberty Union-Thurston Mary Davis
Pickerington Local Betty Conley
Walnut Township Heather Terry