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Parent Guidance for Mental Health is an online service by licensed therapists that provides trusted and specialized courses, professional supportand a safe community for parents to learn how to support their children and get answers to mental health questions.

  • Backed by therapists to provide trusted and specialized courses, professional support and a safe community of parents helping each other.
  • FREE and confidential for families and provided through a generous grant by the Cook Center for Human Connection.

Parent Guidance Mental Health Series

In response to parent concerns about student health and well-being, Fairfield County ESC is partnering with and The Cook Center to deliver free "Ask a Therapist" live sessions. These sessions will be virtual, interactive, and are designed to help parents and caregivers support students. Registration, attendance and interactions are kept totally anonymous from other viewers. 

If you can’t attend live, you can register and will automatically receive the recording of the session. 

Webinar Recordings
"Helping Your Child Succeed - 3 Parenting Styles" from August 14, 2023
"Your Child's Anxiety" from September 11, 2023
"Your Active Child: ADHD" from October 9, 2023
"Building Your Child's Confidence" from October 23, 2023
"What Parents Need to Know About Suicide Prevention"  from November 13, 2023
"Depression, You're Not Alone" from December 11, 2023
"School Avoidance " from January 8, 2024
"How to Motivate Your Child" from January 22, 2024

Monthly Newsletters


Archived Newsletters
March’s Family Mental Health Newsletter (English/Spanish)
February's Mental Health Newsletter, "Emotional Regulation" (English/Spanish)
January Newsletter: Clear Lungs, Bright Futures (English/Spanish)
December Mental Health Newsletter (English/Spanish)
November Mental Health Newsletter - "Financial Stress" (English) (Spanish)
October Mental Health Newsletter - “Friendship Skills: Teaching Your Child How to Make and Maintain Healthy Friendships” (English) (Spanish) 
September Mental Health Newsletter-  “Equipping Your Child: Navigating Peer Pressure and Cultivating Healthy Choices”  (English), (Spanish) 
August Mental Health Newsletter - “Parental Perspectives: Nurturing Your Mental Health and Empowering Your Child” (English)  (Spanish)