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Fingerprinting/BCI and FBI Background Checks


Picture of magnifying glass and fingerprint.


The Fairfield County Educational Service Center offers BCI and FBI background checks using the National Webcheck System.

Please call us at 740-653-3193 for an appointment.

It is recommended that you use hand cream frequently at least two days before the appointment.


What to bring:

Drivers License
Social Security Card

Payment Options:

Option 1

  • Money order not payable to anyone with the appropriate amount below:
    1. BCI (Ohio background check) = $27.00
    2. FBI (Federal background check) = $31.00
    3. Both BCI and FBI = $53.00

Option 2

  • FBI/BCI checks paid with debit/credit card via PayPal at your appointment:
    1. BCI = $28
    2. FBI = $32
    3. Total = $55

For Internal Use Only

Contact Information

Kimberly Dum

Administrative Assistant