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Perspective Scale


Feeling overwhelmed? Dealing with a lot of frustrations and/or negativity? This practice can help reframe your situation so you can take a step back. Gaining perspective will help you calm down and move forward with reason. (in the moment practice, can be done anywhere/anytime)

Most humans excel at telling your mind when it is wrong, messes up but rarely when it goes right. We look at/focus the worst in ourselves/our actions. Have you ever gotten feedback and 9/10 were positive comments, but you let the 1 negative take all of your energy and focus? 

By reframing, we can amplify our progress vs focus on failures/mistakes. For example, simple changes in phrasing can dramatically impact our thoughts and therefore actions. “I can’t do this” changed to “I can do this by….” creates positive action. 

We can do the same reframing when it comes to frustrations and negative situations. In the moment, these times can feel overwhelming and just too much to handle. When our brain is in panic mode, we can’t gain perspective. So to help with that, we can use the perspective scale. 

  • Try putting the negative thoughts or circumstances on a perspective continuum. Grab a piece of paper and something to write with. 
  • Draw a simple line numbered 0-10. At zero write tolerable, 10 devastating. 
  • Now think of what YOUR 10 would be. For example, mine would be if something horrible happened to one or both of my kids. 
  • Now, place your current thought/circumstance. Where does it fall? 

Problems of all numbers can feel like they deserve a 10 when we are in the thick of it. But when you are able to do something like this and gain perspective/reframe your situation, it can help gain clarity if it is something that is a smaller disruption or something that you need help/time to heal.