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Hand to Heart

Hi! For today's mindful strategy, it's actually a great 2-in-1 strategy. It's really, really simple. It's really, really effective. So, this is a wonderful one for anytime you are feeling stressed. And by that, I mean good stress or bad stress. I'm going to elaborate on that in just a second. But, it's anytime you feel your heart rate really going. Really, really racing. When you think about getting that email that puts you over the edge. Adding one more thing to that list that you didn't possibly think could get any longer. Or you are involved in that conversation that totally overwhelms you, that stresses you out, increases your anxiety. Or that good stress, right? When you just got done with a really great workout and your heart rate is going crazy. So it's anytime you feel that heart rate really going - whether it's good stress or bad stress. This is a really, really effective strategy for you.

So there are two parts to this one. The first part is really powerful alone. And it actually connects to gratitude. So, if you haven't done the gratitude video yet, you probably will. It's really, really powerful with mindfulness. It connects with that. But, what you want to do is put your left hand on your heart. We are going to slow down our pace just a little bit here. And all I want you to do with this is feel your heartbeat. I want you just to pause. I just want you to take a breath. And I want you to feel that. 

Because when we are in the thick of it, when we feel like we are surrounded by the negative stuff, all of the stuff that's overwhelming us,  whether it is in our personal lives, our professional lives, maybe it's all of it. All of it combined. When we are really struggling to figure out what we are even feeling grateful for, I want you to stop and do this. Because when you stop and you pause, and you just feel your heartbeat, it is really powerful. When you think about it, when was the last time you just paused and you thought about how grateful you are for this alone?

And the second part of this is to put your right hand on your tummy, your stomach. And our goal with this exercise is that we are going to get these two things in sink. And by that, I mean, I want our heart rate and our breathing to be in rhythm. And whether, again, it's due to the good stress or bad stress because you just finished an awesome workout, or you are feeling super stressed and anxious and overwhelmed, when we have our mindful breathing, we realize we can be in control. And it's amazing how quickly we can get that heart rate under control, when we control our breath.

So, all I want you to do is think about your breath. By that, I just want you to concentrate on raising and lowering your right hand. Take such deep breaths, and if you can through your nose, that you see that right hand go up and down. Up and down. You are just going to do this for about a minute.

And as you concentrate on that right hand going up and down, you are going to get out of your head and help calm down your anxiety, and naturally bring that heart rate down. If you just concentrate on your breath alone, it will help get your mind and body in sink. It is going to help you realize that you are in control. 

It is very simple. But very effective. Deep breath in and out. You've got this! You're not alone! Have a great day!